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Andre Hooke ESL Teacher
Qualifications BSc. Major in Geography; TEFL/TESOL Certification; Master of Business Administration
Teaching Lessons English Foundation/Oral Speaking/Grammar/English Culture/Lifestyles
Teaching style My style of teaching is a derivative of the Communicative Language Teaching approach. I strongly believe in interaction as the means and ultimate goal of learning a language. I believe in fostering a comforting and relaxing environment where students are free to express themselves, learn from their mistakes/peers and have fun while learning English Language. In reviewing the courseware content and teaching new topics, I take responsibility in ensuring students know how to utilize acquired knowledge in real life scenarios. My style of teaching is youthful, vibrant, engaging and effective.
Personal introduction “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.” Hey there, my name is Andre Hooke. I am a motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur and an English teacher. I believe that no matter how hard a task or goal may be; as long as you keep working hard, success is never out of your reach. My aim is to help each student achieve their personal objectives to the best of my ability utilizing a variety of teaching methods. Finally yet importantly, teaching and learning should be fun, engaging and fruitful. With that, I look forward to seeing you at Broader Way!
Relevant experiences

For over 7 years, I tutored trainees in Mathematics and English.

Over 3 years experience in teaching & tutoring at Early Childhood Center (2013-2016).